One Punch Man ends

Published: Fri 11 March 2016
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I followed WanPanMan in-season, so it actually ended quite a while ago, but it took some time to see if I have anything to add to the opening impression. In the end, there wasn't anything. It is still the only anime that I liked which is mostly about great animation of fights, but that was already known.

Since I followed it on Daisuki, I don't have good screencaps, but here's a frame from the original manga:

I don't quite understand what's going on, but the original manga is still being scanlated, and it's far ahead of the reboot manga. The anime borrows the designs and the storyline of the reboot manga, and ends rather early in comparison. I think they could continue the anime using the reboot design and original storyline (not anime-original, but original-original one). But they decided to quit early for some reason.

I have a spoiler: Saitama fights Tatsumaki, and it's quite nicely done. The story is not boring at all.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Possible, in a company.