KonoSuba begins

April 10th, 2016 by Author

I didn’t mean to post the “begins” bracket after just 1 episode. Konosuba 01 is not great enough to be sure that it stays. However, I dimly remember some kind of discussion in comments at Chizumatic {lost URL}, where Aqua was compared to Belldandy, and I wish to comment on that. Although it is true that the structure of their entrapment is the same, the import on the story is very different. Belldandy did nothing to deserve it, and that soured me on AMG right off the bat. But in case of Aqua, her predicament is karmic, in terms of character dynamics. In addition the divine mandate is different: Aqua is only stuck with the dude for the duration of the quest. Anyhow, the installation episode worked and the story is off to a satisfactory start.