Humanity Has Declined

May 2nd, 2016 by Author

We picked the Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashta (“Jintai“) mostly as a change-of-pace anime, and it didn’t disappoint: it’s quite unusual. I knew that it wasn’t going to be a CGDCT, but the available spoilers were somewhat misleading. I expected social commentary, but it turned out more of an absurdist fantasy. It does load up on social satire somewhat heavily in the first arc, but lays off that in the later arcs, of which there are perhaps 5 or 7, depending how you count.

One other thing Jintai is not is comedy. To be sure, it can be funny in places. But it’s also somewhat dark. Of course, a “dark comedy” exists as a thing, but again it’s not quite what this is.

The main character plays a dominant role and she helped the enjoyment a lot. Once again, she’s not "my type", yet somewhat I find her easy to live with. Watashi may be cynical, but also surprisingly kind to us lesser life forms. It’s interesting that she’s excessively intelligent, but because the humanity is in the final stages of a terminal decline, finds a job as a civil servant. It would be a big waste in a less absurd series. For me, the main character was the key to the success. Nobar chose to pay attention to other elements:

For being adapted of a rather marginal audience LN Jintai packs pretty serious production values. The audiovisual execution is very good across the board, and the production crew has done a good job at building a light but somewhat sorrowful atmosphere befitting the theme of the humanity’s slow death. Now, I’ve been disappointed by Kishi Seiji’s directing a couple times in the recent past, but in the case of Jintai I must admit his style of standing on the thin red line between drama and comedy worked very well.

I have to say, the OP was quite catchy and I opened a few epiodes by not skipping it. Miyuki Sawashiro kills as Y (actual character name). She plays her more like Seo-sempai of Nozaki and less like Perrine of SW.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Possible