Space Patrol Luluco

Luluco is an amusing in its mad dash anime, but why are they ripping so much from Gurren-Lagann? Although Studio Trigger is founded, and largely populated, by GAINAX escapees, with InuBattle they have proven that they can do better than copy their parent. So, why regress to this? I mean, come on. Even the chief's glasses! This is more than a little disturbing. A charming piece otherwise, as much as could be expected from the 5-minute format (7 minutes with OP/ED).

Liked: Yes, although absurdist and empty-headed
Rewatch: With friends, maybe

UPDATE: Jason Miao elaborated in a greater detail on how Luluco pilfers from Trigger's various properties, as well as from Gurren-Lagann, and why the screencap I naively selected was pivotal, etc.