Do you want to ReLIFE?

Sagematt (last heard coblogging for Nova), asked me the question. The clever dude noticed that I was very much into the manga as well as the anime, and that the proper way to enjoy the ReLIFE is to enjoy the time with the characters, which leads to the assumption of the question: if you like ReLIFE, what could be better than ReLIFE for real? Granted, I feel the attraction. But I have to answer "no".

The defining feature of ReLIFE is that the subject remains at his or her age. They are just transported into ReLIFE temporarily. The problem is, I'm not 27. It's not as useful for those pushing 5th decade. Once back, I don't have the time to apply the XP one gains in ReLIFE. The subjects are supposed to use the experience to turn their life around before 30, but it's much too late for me.

And it's not like my life is bad, so there's no upside. The subjects are selected from people who need help, but I don't need an intervention of this magnitude. But disruption is considerable. For one thing, what's going to happen to my wife while I'm frolicking in ReLIFE? She has health issues and my need my help.

Okay, you can romance jailbaits for a year, essentially free of any aprobirum as long as you don't knock them up. Could be a prize for someone at the age of the characters, but my libido is not where it used ot be. Nope, still no sale.

Finally, although not as much of an issue if one is prepared, is that the health problems that the lead has are pretty funny, while mine are already serious. I'm not sure I would be able to study properly. At least I don't have dietic restrictions.

If it were on the conditions of life extension or an unconditional reboot, that would be something to consider. ReLIFE though... Too much trouble for too little benefit.