Bakuon suspended

July 24th, 2016 by Author

This one was officially credited to Chizumatic’s post “boobs and bikes”. And how is it possible to screw up this formula? Yet Bakuon only lasted 3 episodes. The impossibly stilted writing did it in, as well as lack of a compelling narrative, or actually anything interesting. Not even boobs were presented well. The penciled note was “feels like a poor retelling”.

UPDATE: Steven rolls out a comparison with Azumanga Daioh. It is quite offensive, frankly. The difference in quality is enormous. One is bad and other is good, what is to compare? But if we take his argument seriously, it boils down to the a structural similarity of having a bunch of girls there, and a bunch here, and they engage into their CGDCT activities in both cases. But this similarity is far too general. Even things like Hidamari and Yuuki Yuuna fall into the same category, and Steven wasn’t a big fan of either. BTW, for some reason he forgot that I’ve read all of the manga, and thus I’m aware of Jesus and Raimu-sempai, er, Lime.