Saiki begins

What series do I enjoy the most this season? Well, ReLIFE, of course, but that's already over for those who did not need to stick to the fake "broadcast" schedule. So, what do I look forward to every week, then? The disastrous life of Saiki-kun, that's what. The "Saiki" is pun with "Psyche".

I've already read all of the manga, so the best part is the adaptation. As Director Kinoshita once said, the objective of adaptation is "to showcase the strong points of the original to the fans, while hiding the weak parts". Saiki does that quite admirably. Plus, the production values are not bad, for the budget.

Note that being a pure comedy, Saiki is absolutely not for everyone. Comedies never are.

Teruhashi is the best girl. Oupf. {Update: Allow me to ruin the joke by explaining it. Everyone who meets Teruhashi says "Ouph", except for our eponymous character. Naturally, she sees it as a challenge to make him say "Ouph". Comedy ensues.}

BTW, the Daisuki app for iOS uses the difference in aspect ratio on iPad to place the subtitles outside of the frame. I can see why they thought it would be a great idea, but the font is too small and difficult to read.