Reject the moral panic and free yourself by watching Usagi Drop

<Author> Usagi Drop time
<Sage> [23:22:32] <Author> Usagi Drop time <-- the incest show?
<Author> it's not that close
<Sage> The incest show.
<Author> I noticed that Nobar shared the prejudices of small minded people too.
<Sage> But Author.
<Sage> He fucks his daughter.
<Author> So.... like every Teitoku?
<Hikago> R E K T


(From Carnival Phantasm EX)

UPDATE: Omo weighs in:

Usagi Drop is a solid anime, don’t let people who follow/read/gets spoiled by the manga tell you anything otherwise. It’s not about morality, but about mode of consumption and letting that dictate what you ought to do, when it might not be a good reason. When I read that post I thought about how anime adaptations sometimes live in this different world than the manga experience. Then again I dig these kind of controversial stuff so I am hardly unbiased.