Magical Internet Hearsay

Evirus writes:

I saw a comment on the Twitter recently about how the success of Shirobako signaled to the industry that perhaps there was a market for shows with adult characters after all.

No link? Tsk, tsk. Also! Is Shirobako actually a success? Well, I bought the BDs, but my tastes are hardly representative.

The U.S. market release of Shirobako is taken out by Ledford. It's #206 in Anime at Amazon, which does not sound too impressive. Although, Haibane Renmei is #578.

UPDATE: Omo comments that Shirobako BDs were selling quite well, and:

Given the industry these days it would not be a surprise to hear in a couple years that PA Works will go back to that well. Certainly it would out-delight that recent announcement about Uchoten Kazoku.

What a sick burn. And a well-deserved one, too.