Garupan IRL

One of the most amusing scenes of Girls und Panzer was one where Miho's team camps upon a hill and one of German teams (possibbly her sister, I don't remember) is trying to dislodge them. At some point, a tank from Miho's team drives right through the ranks of the opponents, causing a real chaos.

Well, it's the battle for Mosul now and here's a video. A rank of armor (albeit mostly AFVs and an armored car) is facing a clump of structures. From there, a bombmobile charges upon them, towards the camera. It targets one of AFVs, that maneuvers sharply to the right of the camera, and the bombmobile misses. In the same time, the armored car dashes in the opposite direction before turning around. But the driver of the bomb decides to take out another AFV instead, on the left. The shockwave from the explosion covers everything in a dust cloud. All the while this is happening, crews shoot at the attacking bomb and miss.

Just in case you thought GaruPan was unrealistic. Well, aside from the people die when killed part.