Digibro on character design of Gurren-Lagann

November 3rd, 2016 by Author

Now the vlogs and youtubing are things that completely passed our notice at Ani-nouto. I hardly have the time to watch anime, what to say about fan videos, unless it’s something everyone talks about. Still, people do some good work out there. Check out 10 minutes of non-stop praise in "Cool Character Designs: Gurren Lagann". I’m not sure if I agree with all the points. The examples of cosplay didn’t look all that amazing, honestly. But, a very slick presentation overall.

P.S. Look at the subscriber count: ~250k for Digibro. As a point of comparison, Nutnfancy has ~670k, Sootch 460k. It is essentially in the ballpark. Of course Hickok45 has ~2.2 million, but he’s Mr. Rogers of our days. And in any case, the point is, I highly doubt that 2,000 people read Ani-nouto regularly, let alone 200,000.