Usagi Drop ends

Let's stick to basics in this one.

What do we have? An anime about raising children of tender age of about seven. Nice and sweet.

Good sides? The OP is phenomenal, especially the artsy animation of the two rabbits. The tune is all right, but meshes well. Apparently, it's by Puffy? The main characters are quite decent, especially the girl. The phylosophical question of whether children are sacrifices was presented well -- reminds about the question of whether loving a robot over a human was okay in Chobits. And a ton of cute moments like cooking, playground, and the like.

Downsides? The mother part was painfully squeezed into the story in order to create the desired family layout. She herself is a massive self-insert for the mangaka. With this, it should be no surprise that the writing is massively from a woman perspecite. Comes especially heavy when dude's sister runs away in ep.7.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Not likely, but not impossible either.