New Game

December 3rd, 2016 by Author

The New Game is a CGDCT, no more, no less. Only now the action is set not in a school club, but in a workplace. To keep the desired effect running, the show plays with the infantilism a bit, even up to office workers discussing if this or that coworker behaves childishly.

This is not a workplace comedy though, as such. The CGDCT focus is so strong that the anime features an all-female cast without any kind of explanation. This includes not just the company, but any other environment, such as Nene’s university. The only time a man moves in frame is when a random passenger walks onto a train platform. This reminds me very much how late Steven den Beste refused to use screencaps with even incidental men in them for the top rotation at Chizumatic.

With such cast composition, one might wonder if thematic concerns are present. And yes, they are, but it’s not too terrible. Mostly focuses on Rin of all people. A bath episode is surprisingly tame.

Production values are outstanding. At times it looked like J.C.Staff at its peak decided to re-animate Lucky Star. In actual fact, the production studio was Doga Kobo. I don’t recall ever hearing about it, but they were subcontracting forever.

Best Girl: Umiko.

Liked: Yes, although it’s sugar calories
Rewatch: Possible

P.S. If you compare New Game with the first cour of Shirobako, the difference in scope is gigantic. More and bigger things are happening, more characters are introduced — and developed. The lead is alpha in Shirobako and beta in New Game. It’s just amazing how much more sugary and empty New Game is, from the perspective of the story and characters. But then it’s cute.

P.P.S. Speaking of Steven, he lived long enough to dismiss a series seemingly created precisely for his tastes thus:

We’ve seen it before: “The people creating your entertainment are a bunch of fruitcakes”. It turns out that all of Aoba’s coworkers are nuts in one way or another, at least based on the first half of the first episode, which was all I could stand. Then I gave up.

Sadly, we cannot debate it with him anymore. But… They do not qualify for “fruitcakes”, IMHO. The protagonist’s cubemates are: 1) a girl, 21, who is physically active, 2) a timid girl who prefers to communicate through instant messaging, 3) a normal girl with no particular deviances. Perhaps I worked in an office environment for too long, but I’ve seen all of this and nothing is abnormal. The team lead has a penchant for sleeping in the office and is sometimes found by her manager. Without pants. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it, but then if your manager is your close friend and covers for it, people often do worse. Frankly, this is the least worst thing a primadonna designer can afford to engage into before the management is compelled to take action. So yeah, I disagree with Steven’s excuse.

P.P.P.S. I awarded Umiko the Best Girl, but she is a bit controversial. When I saw her first, I thought that if she continues to draw in everyday environment, this woman is certainly going to cap someone by accident one day. But on the other hand perhaps all she needs is one good warning by a person she respects.