Online people are making me to watch anime

First came a mysterious guy at, who wrote: "Her smile and optimism: Recovered". It was about Girlish Number, which I set aside because it was rumored to be a bit nasty. Well, then... I may need some more spoilers to bump it up, but into the queue it goes.

Second, DiGiKerot suddenly produced a full-page format comic. It took some "binging", but I found that he referred Aikatsu. I am a little concerned that it may be an anime for little girls, but if it inspired him... Cannot be that bad. And it's not like Precure is for big girls.

UPDATE: The Anime War Crimes Tribunal on GN:

Watching a shitty person get shit on by the shitty world of anime production was entertaining for a while, but as the show dragged on the gimmick started to get old. [...] The few moments where it tried to get you to feel sorry for Chitose fell flat because it’s all her own fault and she never actually learned anything.

UPDATE: Nobar reiterates:

While Shirobako showed the sunny side of working life with passionate people striving their best at the thing they love, Girlish Number delves into the flipside, the underbelly of the ignorant, the arrogant, and the incompetent. Much of these qualities are exemplified in its female protagonist Chitose, a young voice actor whose incompetence is only overshadowed by her gigantic ego.

UPDATE from Omo:

Chitose may or may not be a bitch and that’s besides the point. The idea is that a heroine like her is [...] the heroine this rotten industry deserves, not the heroine it wants. This is not unexpected given our passive-aggressive mastermind behind Girlish Number’s creation.