Eromanga-sensei anime is announced

I read the manga on scanlations and liked it quite a bit, so the big news are quite welcome (h/t Emperor J). The story is essentially a rehash of Oreimo, I'm told. But what I saw of the previous anime was rather difficult to enjoy on the account of unpleasant characters. I dropped it after 1 or 2 episodes. If they don't screw up the adaptation, this is going to be very different. SPOILERS: I'm in the Elf Yamada camp. Muramasa (Senjyu) is a bit too far out there.

BTW, the English title may end with a space, which is too bad, since "Eromanga" is actually a name (well, an assumed name). It is supposed to be an unintentional pun at ero manga, rather than the ero manga itself. But oh well. Bombshells From The Sky made me jaded for mistitling.