Isshyukan Friends

January 19th, 2017 by Author

For about 8 of 12 episodes, I thought I’d write about how cute the female lead was, the dude’s funny denial, how side characters had their roles, and so on. But the finale crossed all of it. It very much seemed like an anime-only end over an ongoing manga. So, I decided to read the manga and find out how the story is resolved. Imagine my surprise when I found that the manga is complete and the anime adapts everything. It’s just that I did not understand what was going on!

Part of the problem is no doubt my intellectual capacity being too low for One Week Friends, but they also compressed about half of the manga size into just 3 episodes. That was a dick move, frankly.

Liked: Mostly
Rewatch: No

Speaking about miscomprehension, check out Schneider at Tsurusekai:

In One Week Friends, Hase admits that he is attracted to Fujimiya, but friendship is his goal.

That the dude’s massive official denials are worth an empty eggshell, is obvious even in the anime. Manga is even more explicit.

Tappan takes a practical tack:

I originally thought that Kaori’s recurrent amnesia was absurdly unrealistic but I’ve changed my mind. The story gives us plenty of reasons to suspect that she is suffering from what used to be called “hysterical” amnesia.

P.S. One other thing I meant to ramble about before the finale was the figure of the capable friend, which is a massive recurrent theme in anime romcom. In a break with the tradition though, the friend wins a girl here; or it’s more like he’s saddled with one. Toradora is the only other one that comes to mind that plays with it (see the big shock photo in ep.20).