SukaSuka begins

May 21st, 2017 by Author

I would probably not pick this up without Evurus’ tepid approval. But it was okay so far.

Unfortunately, I cannot enjoy it without reservations either. The massive yiff is cringeworthy. Presumably, the furry factor is there to masquerade or balance the shapeless blobs, which otherwise would stand out too much, but are necessary for some plot twist. The dude has ridiculously convenient superpowers. The world creation is so dumb, that, for example, it features floating islands. They may be organic in a romp like Dog Days, but not in a story with heavyweight pretensions. In general, although I don’t have a good evidence, the environment feels artificially manufactured to support a certain idea, that is to say the living weapons, and then railroad everything to a emotional impact. Watching SukaSuka, characters appear manipulated (to feel something), and then the viewer is too. Maybe emotional manhandling was less obnoxious in the original LN.

On the upside, the story itself is not that bad, heartful, just suffers from unnecessary veneer.

UPDATE: Omo considers that “the setting is really the shining part of the show”. Clearly he is not irritated by all the artificially convenient circumstances, or furries. But then again, many people enjoy the Superman franchize, where the dude is even more overpowered.

By the way, YuuYuuYuu had a similar core idea, but, alas, there wasn’t any romance there, except in the heads of yuritards. The author of SukaSuka LN deserves props for taking it head-on.