NetoJuu begins

November 22nd, 2017 by Author

The Autumn 2017 season delivers us another anime romcom, and it’s even better than Gamers. It’s about adults, and the lead is “unreasonably cute”. I may not have seen anything like this since Kayoko, girlfriend of Sunred. Noto voices her very nicely, and I didn’t even realize it was Noto at first.

Anyone noticed that they live in a terribly cold world, while the game is set up in magical summer?

I’ve got the tip about NetoJuu no Susume from Peter S., of all people. For some reason, Evirus’ post didn’t grab me, although he provides way more material. And “at least she cleans up nicely” is just the cynical and acerbic style we come to expect and love from him. And indeed, I really like how Moriko can keep her humanity together after a dive into NEETing. Also, the lint roller slays me.