Secret Santa 2017

December 25th, 2017 by Author

The dashboard is at Reverse Thieves for 2017. I admit to being slightly relieved that nobody invited me, because the selection mostly consisted of either series that I watched and blogged and or those that I really do not want to watch, let alone blog. The only one that I might be interested in was Alice to Zoroku. I kind of want something of that vein, which is not as annoying as Mitchiko and Hatchin or Kurenai.

SDS’s review of Shingu was not particularly impressive. It is, IMHO, the greatest series that Tatsuo Sato ever helmed, and a masterpiece that he could never exceed afterwards (ever seen Stellvia?). SDS isn’t doing it justice. If you read his review, but haven’t seen the series, would his post persuade you not to rest until you watched all of it? But I don’t think my own blogging of it was all that either. Jeff Lawson’s was, IIRC, but it’s all lost now.