Tsurezure Children

March 7th, 2018 by Author

There wasn’t much to blog about this, but most importantly — it was good: a very nice and proper adaptation of the outstanding manga. The art was just as good as the original. They cut out some of my favourite couples for the lack of space, but I can understand that. The most missing were the pokerface couple (Toda/Sunagawa) and the teacher/student couple (Chiba/Kirihara). I know Kaji’s boobs were everyone’s favourite, even though the scenes with her mother were published after the anime and didn’t make it.

Some highly anticipated scenes could carry more impact. In the manga, the confession of the ugly otaku dude (Yamane/Kurihara) was timed pefectly. The two got into their heads so much that they forgot that they were in the middle of a Comiket, and came to their senses to the sound of applause from the surrounding crowd. Somehow, it went by somewhat muted. Also, I loved how Gouda and Kamine decided to make out and triggered a chain reaction, which naturally stopped at Toda and Sunagawa — obviously too much of bother for them. But in the anime they had to cut it rather badly. But at least Kana/Chiaki delivered (pictured above).

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Maybe

P.S. The voice talent was high caliber, but in the heat of the moment I forgot to pay attention.