1. What if CD wins ABT?

    Why has nobody noticed so far that Scamp's very own Cart Driver is in the running (seeded into the first round with rank 33, and currently winning)?

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  2. Oh Nova, you card

    Jinx.fi: "Anime industry is like a family. You hurt my family, I hurt you. Odex just wasn't tough enough." I am sure it's fueled by his pilgrimage to Singapore (the heart of English-language animeblogging for some reason), but it's funny.

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  3. Micro-nouto 16


    @jpmeyer maybe Lain? Do people still recommend that

    @omonomono They recommend, but ABe went and fixed all the bugs in it for the Haibane release so why bother? It's like recommending Win 3.0 when 3.11 superceded it.

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