1. Studying abroad, vicarious report 2

    Just as I was afraid they would, Japanese and American students in Akita completely segregated themselves and do not talk at all, with one notable excetion of American boys who chase Japanese girls. Those are persistent enough to knock down the cultural barriers and get some language practice. Administration tries …

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  2. Studying abroad, vicarious report 1

    Ana-sempai failed her placement test in Japanese language comprehension and is given remedial classes. Perhaps JPLT 2 is not all it's made out to be.

    On the other hand, back in the day when I enrolled her into elementary school in America, she failed her English placement test as well …

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  3. I'm an おたく

    So says a friend: "彼は ... おたくなんだけど" ("aitsu wa ... otaku nandakedo"). I sort of hoped to avoid the inevitable, but it could be worse. Like "ロリコン", for an instance.

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  4. Kotoba for iPhone/iPod Touch

    I don't have the hardware for it, but in case anyone who's weak to Steve Jobs' mind rays is reading this, Diego reviewed an application called "Kotoba!", which seems to be ahead of my Wordtank in some ways (such as having a handwriting recognition).

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  5. Kakitori-kun

    Left: Kanken DS (2.50 mil ppl), right: Kakitori-kun.

    Sadly, the game is monopolized by Ana-sempai.

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  6. Kohnami

    I went to a restaurant in Santa Fe, called "Kohnami". Here's what the title of their menu looks like:

    The first character is listed in The New Nelson as an alternative to well-known "kami"/神. Its Nelson index is 4088, Morohashi number 24673. However, according to New Nelson, it does …

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  7. Azuma-sensei on Yotsuba anime

    Gia translates for us the post Kiyohiko Azuma made on the topic.

    First of all, he denies a displeasure with Azumanga the animation. Not that I ever believed the rumors, since it was extremely faithful to the manga and translated the spirit well.

    But as for Yotsuba, it seems that …

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  8. Slang for "groupies"

    At about 2:58 into ep.10 of first Nodame, Mine yells what sounds like "mihadomo(ga)". It is translated as "groupies".

    Sadly, I was unable to find it in any dictionary. It's either mispronounced/misheard, a compound word, or a slang that hasn't filtered down into dictionaries yet.

    UPDATE …

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  9. やはり、日本語はむりだ

    Seen at Moero today:

    放送されなかったね。。。 結局、放送ではお詫びも告知も何も無しですかい。

    I got into the habit of just skipping everything I don't understand right away, so my …

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