Os understands blogging

April 23rd, 2008 by Author

I’m extremely pleased to see Os using the space Sasa lent him to reply to me. That’s how blogs are supposed to work. I see that my efforts to promote true blogosphere in animeblogging were not for naught, and perhaps I did no less than ABC for the common good.

Of course all my words would do no good if they fell on deaf ears (Hinano was griping about not allowing comments just this week (nonetheless she’s done the right thing by linking at least somewhat)), and this is where Os comes into the picture and does a good job. Certainly letting koufukuron.com to expire was weak sauce, because it destroyed permalinks. But let bygones be bygones, this is the time for celebration.

BTW, Another thing Os does right is linking to the material which contradicts him. My ANN list for To Heart actually says: “Wholesome. Shiho is pure love despite her show-business aspirations. Do not miss DVD extras!”. By including that link, Os allows readers to make up their own minds. Is it blogger’s integrity or what? The “weak and ponderous” summary applied to the “To Heart: Remember My Memories“, not To Heart itself. The former was a pathetic attempt to cash on the popularity of the original show by milking it for sequels, and Os obviously confused them. An easy mistake to make, I’m sure.

UPDATE: Os replies. On the subject of koufukuron.com, I do not remember it as well as it deserves, but I did visit and comment on it while it was still operational (I remember that one of the last items had something to do with planning of a visit to AX).

Also, I remember that the blog directory was “osu/”, but everyone else calls Os just that, so I didn’t give it a second thought. If he’s detecting “oozing sarcasm”, I hope he’s not detecting intentional insulting mis-spellings… Now I observe that the author’s category at Heterochromia does have the “~u”. Oh boy, this is awkward.

UPDATE MOAR: Zyl takes the side of comments. Very good. But I don’t find the example of Evirus persuasive enough, because while nobody told Evirus about the character theater, Evirus told me — and he didn’t use any comments. Similarly, I told the world about Omake 6 of To Heart.