Rocket Girls on DVD

November 1st, 2008 by Author

As soon as I received my DVDs, I set out to rewatch Rocket Girls. As always, it’s all about the frame of mind. I remember saying, “writing is excellent, but the animation ticks me off livid. I just can’t stand how computerized it looks.” I still see the art as problematic, but it does not turn me off completely. The point of the show is fun and excitement.

To illustrate, I’m glad they kept the usual OP, including the part where Yukari slaps herself on the croup. It was exciting.

The DVDs are rather simple. The video is taken from R2 DVDs. I watched for changes, and it looks that only off-model parts were replaced. Funnily enough, the replacements often stuck out (e.g. Matsuri’s hair changes), since the bulk of the video stayed as before. Since the changes were concentrated around one episode, I suspect that work by certain animator or a contract team was edited mostly or even exclusively.

As usual, rewatch revealed a few mistakes I made. For example, Orpeus’ errant orbit was not circular, so the mechanic makes a bit more sense now. But I really wish they spent the money which went into rework in order to make the Shuttle to fire correct engines in space.