OGT on Toradora

There's an editorial up at the other blog with bakuhatsu in the title, which lays down the now conventional vision for Toradora (with spoilers): Ryujii is awesome, Taiga is not annoying, and the two are designed and/or destined to be together. But I just have to ask, where is Ami in this masterful analysis?

Without reading the manga, I expect her to do the Shiho part... It is sad.

BTW, Mike roots for Ami to fall. What a mean man.

UPDATE: OGT adds Ami in the follow-up thus: "Ami is the catalyst for the entire series, or, perhaps, the foil–without her, it’s entirely likely that a good deal of the relationship progress between Taiga and Ryuuji would not have been made, leaving them stuck in limbo [..]". Like I said, it's pretty sad.