Druaga ends

Kuro said it for me too:

Well, all in all, a surprisingly engaging Gonzo series, just sadly ruined by another nonsense ending by Gonzo.

I finally undestood the hate of GONZO swirling around the Internet. The problem is how they paint by numbers instead of actually painting, so to speak. Utu's proposal to Fatina was just a brilliant illustration to something that sounded good at a planning meeting. It refers to (ridiculously obscure) source material first. It refers the scary story. And finally, it refers to the ep.01 of Druaga:Aegis where everyone who wants to get married dies. Kickass, right? I can just see someone at GONZO thinking: "this is exactly how they build humour in every other anime, why doesn't it work for us?"

Another frustration is how Druaga wasn't all that bad. The first half had too much filler, but it was fine otherwise. So, in a sense, GONZO is attempting to assume the mantle of GAINAX. But the thing is, Kare Kano, Mahoromatic and Evangelion were great minus the endings; Druaga wasn't great. It's surprisingly engaging to Kuro because nobody expects GONZO to produce anything watcheable anymore.

I managed to watch anime for 20 years without a care about the studio. Never knew, never cared. But I cannot afford it anymore. From now on, GONZO is on the black list.

Liked: Yes, at first. And then GONZO blew everything.
Rewatch: No.

P.S. It's ironic how I could not complete Strike Witches, which is a better show than Druaga. The irritation with the crotch shots was steadily building from the start, and then ep.5 happened. It's all to the better.

P.P.S. Druaga has two wonderful OPs. Typical.