Zyl on Ami

March 29th, 2009 by Author

He says:

In conclusion, we need an Ami spinoff OVA or [TV] series. Because she is that awesome.

In final reckoning, Ami did not dominate Toradora for me in the same way Tsukiumi did of Sekirei. She’s my favourite, yes, because Sumire’s people skills are not very engaging, speaking diplomatically. But then, Ami works as a fashion model. That’s a step ahead of Shiho on the road to hell.

So, I think Ami-centered spin-off would not be something for me to watch. I can see how Rinna Kazamatsuri could drive a sci-fi, nanohistic mahou shoujo spin-off. But Ami needs help from other heroes.

How about a Toradora GodS where Ami, a PM of a dying island nation wrestling with demographic implosion, teams up with Sumire, a technocrat who proposes to rekindle the people’s spirit through the settlement of space? A Stalin + Korolev setup, if you will [*]. Cue in two threatening Communist superpowers… MacF level of epic, which Ami, Kitamura, and Sumire deserve.

Ryuji and Taiga level characters can also pilot a few gundams or whatever. Fans will love it. Let’s pitch this modest proposal to Sunrise, J.C.Staff, and Kyoto.

UPDATE: Oh. My. God.

[*] Spookily similar characters, too. I don’t know if JFK and von Braun fit well enough to build the analogy.