Aroduc on Nagasarete Airantou

May 7th, 2009 by Author

After having to resort to my immense willpower to complete ep.1, I went to check the final write-up on Tenka Seiha. Behold:

It started out very well, high production values all around, some great jokes, and even eventually a teaser that this Romantic Comedy would actually have a smidgeon of romance. [Emphasis mine — Author.]

My first thought was that one of us was blind. But more likely explanation is that he forgot how bad it was. Over time, I learned to forgive the clip-art jungle and inverted helicopter to Rocket Girls, that almost made me puke in the first two episodes. But then it was fun adventure show that’s impossible not to love unless you’re a rabid hater of space exploration by humans (you know who you are). So, what does Nagasarete Airantou offer?

[I]t was overall a fairly enjoyable show, and the last couple episodes were fantastic. […] the cast was rather charismatic and it was certainly off the beaten path enough times to keep large parts of it fresh. Tonkatsu alone deserves points for his part in the series.

Capped with an “awful and lame” ending. Oh well.