Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou begins

July 27th, 2009 by Author

What is up with the idea of episode zero recently? It used to be uncommon, but after Haruhi it became the norm.

I cannot say that I’m very happy with all the yelling and exaggerated reactions. Both representatives of previous generation of busty women are defective (petty crime on one side, bad temper and stupidity on the other). And my imagination is not being grabbed. But then it’s only episode zero. I still remember vividly how much the frolics of Arashi’s opener contrasted with the real meat of WWII horrors. If I survived Master, I can survive two dumb bints.

Art reminds strongly of Myself;Yourself. I suspect we have Yasuhiro Kuroda to thank for that. The master looks really washed and some colors are rather weird (e.g. Yumiko’s skin tone), although it may be a defective broadcast or broadcast capture. It’s watcheable if one doesn’t ask for too much.

UPDATE: Steven replies with explanations. Apparently the color of Ichinose’s skin is even a plot point.