Bandai in August 2009

Published: Sun 09 August 2009
By Author

In meta.

I received my True Tears from RACS, 10 days ahead of the revised street date, and a few weeks after the originally promised release date. Oh well, at least it's here. I remember the announcement, and how a number of people (especially among inhabitants of #animeondvd) loudly proclaimed that Bandai would not last long enough to release True Tears. Hope the crow they are eating now is not very tasty, for pedagogical purposes.

Now that it's here, I'm hesitant to watch it. It was an impulse purchase, and those usually end poorly. Back in the day bloggers generally were positive, but that guarantees nothing. Bloggers were positive about Nanoha too.

Instead I got into watching Honey and Clover at Hulu (a twit by Otou alerted me). It seems ok. However, Hulu is not ok. In particular, taking screencaps for blogging is difficult, since Hulu throws an alpha-blended "Play" button into the middle of a paused video. Bah, humbug.