Nanoha ends

Nanoha is not a bad show by any stretch, but it completely mismatches my sensibilities. I became restless in ep.10, started to resent it actively in ep.11, and I did not take any notes for the last two episodes. I only gathered 35 screencaps, a long unheard low number.

In the end, where I was going to go straight to Nanoha A, I will probably just drop the whole franchize. Maybe I should have not listened to Lawson after all, but it's water under the bridge.

Liked: Uneven
Rewatch: God, no

UPDATE: Steven's observation about shounen tropes is quite valid. Does anyone remember how Naruto turns Gaara into a friend by beating him? See Naruto ep.80. In J2, there was even a semi-formal club of "people who Jubei has beaten and made into adoring fans" under the honorable chairmanship of Mikase.

UPDATE: Great, now sagematt rages and raves on #animeblogger how I should've listened to him and skipped straight to Nanoha A. Since I mentioned skipping before, Steven considered it and thought it would not have helped. Anyway, whatever. Nanoha, or more precisely, Fate, has ruined anime for me. I wish she jumped in after her mother.

UPDATE: Evirus discloses my reply to an entry with a shoutout, adds an extra comment (he joins SDB in thinking that A's would not help). Also, a link to significant commentary from the past. BTW, he developed ideas about desirable extensions to Nanoha franchise further, still including pinheads.