Real pencil boards

About a year after I bought a full-page Horo pencil board by MediaWorks, I got a chance to use it in anger. It turned out pretty amazing.

Previously, I used the "mini" boards that used to come with first-print R1 DVDs (in particular, Geneon's Kamichu in R1 had them, and apparently Hanaukyo M.T. did too), and I found very quickly that a ball pen damages them. I had to select a less favourite side and write on top of it. I think in one semester I managed to scratch up about three of them. However, the Horo is made out of a much harder plastic and so far I see no sign of wear on it at all. Shocking, really. Stupid DVD vendors!

BTW, I never watched the anime, and I heard that in the second season "they collect a shota and Lawrence gets all jealous". Heh.