Lelangir on Kimi ni Todoke

December 31st, 2009 by Author

The tide of animeblogging revival sweeps the land. Now it’s Lelangir, with an abandonment notice for Kimi ni Todoke. The fact itself is not that surprising, I suspended it after ep.10, but the reasons are unconventional, to say the least (also, poorly expressed: the Kazehaya graf seems to tag him as a “blank” self-insert, then Ryu graf says “again, not a self-insert” — so, is Kazehaya?).

-Hirano is barftastic; yeah, I just can’t stand that voice.

Aren’t we supposed to hate the work of Miss Noto in this show? Unconventional!

Before anyone asks, no, I do not announce abandonment: KnT is a terrific show. Just things happen, you know. But if anything, the real reason for suspension is how they dealt with the hapless Kurumi, who is there to join the Ami club (where she joins Arresta).