DarkMirage on Summer Wars

February 27th, 2010 by Author

Since I did not like Tokikake at all, I scour the Internet high and low for an authority who finds Summer Wars lacking in order to justify my own refusal to waste time and money on it. Today, Dark Mirage:

Character development in the story is practically non-existent. Where it does exist, it’s really not any good. Considering the story’s premise and Kenji being depicted as slightly socially awkward, one would expect some kind of character growth to occur as a result of his interactions with the Jinnouchi family (he practically said as much himself at one point in the movie), but that doesn’t really happen. In fact, for a main character, he does surprisingly little throughout the movie. Oh sure he gets the girl in the end, but for what reason I just can’t say.

Of course, every work of fiction is flawed in some ways especially when a lot of things are subjective. It’s not about how many rights or wrongs, but whether the things that are done right are more important than the flaws. Summer Wars, in spite of all its execution flaws, provides an extremely enjoyable and heart-warming experience that will hopefully leave a longer-lasting impression than its abysmally bad sci-fi component.

So, wait… Both sci-fi and character parts are so bad that most of the review dwells on that and the sum of the parts is enjoyable and hearwarming (thanks to a big family)? I think I got the message.