Evirus on the original Precure

Among other things:

The ending of the original Futari wa Pretty Cure was a complete downer that probably didn't traumatize many children but doubtlessly left many of them sad. Too bad, kids; life is real. The ending of Max Heart was a multi-episode fist fight between Zakenna dudes that didn't fight fair and the outnumbered Cure Black and Cure White. (Shiny Luminous was on the bench with too many fouls at this point.) Then they basically had to fight Lilith from The End of Evangelion. It was awesome.

If he speaks the truth, it is awesome. Maybe even as awesome as Figure 17. I so want to see it, and I am so pissed at Crunchyroll and Toei for the 30-episode deal. It's not that I regret the money spent on them per se, it's just the mistreatment of customers that is unacceptable. Now I hope that Toei's deal to peddle Sailor Moon flops on its face.