Ah my Robert

October 26th, 2010 by Author

Robert (The ‘R’ in RACS) is acting butthurt:

Production company IDA Entertainment (another brilliantly run Japanese managed Anime firm) has announced that they intend to release Cat Shit One – at least the single episode that has actually been produced – on DVD and BD here in the US in December.

The big downer? It will only be available from Amazon. IDA says because they wanted to handle international distribution for this video on their own:

that unfortunately means we are currently not interested in collaborating with other television, Internet distribution, DVD, or Blu-ray distribution related companies.

In other words, they’re not really interested in market penetration, just turning a fast buck on the small amount of series content they’ve already produced.

Well IDA, for that (just like AniPlex) YOU CAN SUCK IT!

Everyone loves when the middleman is cut out of the loop, except the middleman. It’s so transparent, it’s pathetic. I admit, at first I was going to threaten Robert that I’ll buy my Oh Edo Rocket elsewhere if he does not quit whining. But I quickly came back to my senses. Robert is the best in this obsolete and dying business of shipping media, which is why I buy from him. Everything else is immaterial. What is it for me that he likes to cry about the changing business (like in Bang-Zoom case), on his own blog? This is exactly what blogs are for, and it’s great that he’s carrying his biases on his sleeve. So, I’m definitely visiting his site on November 2, while it is not bankrupt yet.

BTW, thanks for the reminder. I’m getting a disc of CSO too, if purely for the novelty value.

UPDATE: Nova takes it further in the militant direction, including the choice quotes from vintage Robert. I guess I was not entirely correct: Robert’s attacks on his own customers do matter. Granted, Nova is not one of them, being in Finland, but between my knee-jerk reaction and his ranting as symptoms, there may be some ill-will out there. I’m not letting it affect my buying decisions, however. You bet Dark Lord Kirchener thinks exactly the same thing, he just doesn’t blog it. Hang out at #animedvd and you get the same nasty “industry” groupthink.

UPDATE 20101102: Omo takes a somewhat different view, mostly coming down to:

I just tl;dr’d on the fact that one possible motivation on the control on distribution is to have better monitoring and response against reverse importers. The only real question is, is this worth it?