Apropos the magical phalanx

October 28th, 2010 by Author

Seeing a picture in the previous top rotation on Chizumatic got me wondering if we ever see a crew-fired magical weapon. We saw a magical analog of just about every other arrangement, even carrier ops. Group tactics are not uncommon too, and this clearly is a magical formation. Now, Gurren-Lagann is a magical mecha piloted by two, but it’s not quite what I have in mind. So?

UPDATE: Steven comments with explanations of the screencap, and also adds examples:

There’s one in the last episode of Yumeria which involves pretty much the whole cast. And in the last episode of Card Captor Sakura there’s one involving two major characters, or perhaps four depending on how you count, all working together.

Weird, I saw the ending of CCS (it’s the only DVD I have), but I do not remember anything except the departure of the Chinese dude.

In comments, Mikeski reminds about the magic mecha of Simoun, that is crewed by two and runs on pure lesbian power. That comes even closer to the concept than Gurren-Lagann.

UPDATE 20101101: Mitch writes:

There’s plenty of “merger” magical-girl types floating around – Pretear’s whole schtick features the heroine body-merging with one of her seven magical boyfriends to pull off another transformation & theme-specific suite of magical effects – fire, ice, vegetative tentacles, that sort of thing.

Also, the later Sailor Moon series feature increasingly baroque multi-magical-girl magic attacks, specifically Chibi-Sailor Moon, that damned Pegasus, and Sailor Moon in a sort of chain variant on ye olde stocke-footage attack.

Oh god, my subconsciouseness blanked Pretear for safety reasons.