true tears fails

I packed these DVDs away very long time ago: timestamps of screencaps end in March 2010. But there was an irrational hope still that I may pick it back up. Now I know that I won't. I just stopped being as interested in teenage love, even masterfuly presented. Indeed, watching true tears is like reading vintage Tolstoy. And Tolstoy always bored me into sleep.

Also, I suspect what is going to happen to Aiko, and I hate that.

The anime caused quite a stir back in the day. The Chinese connection, and the fear that it heralded the takeover of Japan(ese animation), of course. Also, I remember how Evirus blogged "the people who acted kinda normally". Ani-nouto quoted Sat-chan (remember him?), Coburn (what about him?), and Bateszi. But there was way more.

Ryan wrapped the following capsule: "Stunning production quality, concise romance, and one of the greatest characters of 2008, Noe." (I am against the glorification of the crazy in principle.) He also wrote a real panegyric.

Kuro was a partisan of Hiromi, which is understandable. He also crowned TT as series of the year.

Stripey declared: "Truly a masterpiece" (mostly about the grand finale). What Zyl said, we'll never know because he broke permalinks. [Update: Zyl recovered the blog access and it turned out to be Stripey's article. — Author]

I think all of these people had a point. But... alas.

P.S. IKnight broke with the osanna by: "And yet I did not feel at all engaged by the story."

Mind you, it would’ve been hard to discover that True Tears would be quite tightly wrapped up in Shinichiro’s romantic progress before watching it, at least without badly spoiling myself. And it was a matter of tightness, of claustrophobia, of that moment in an asthma attack when you properly wake up and realise that your inhaler is in another room. KimiKiss (which I liked) and Kanon (which I didn’t like, but could engage with) felt more expansive: there were more characters and situations for me to occupy myself with when the going was tough. True Tears was shorter and smaller, so there was nowhere to run.

UPDATE: Otou-san promises a review one day (if I understood it right). Also, it occured to me independently that "TT" was a great acronym for this anime.