Infinite Stratos ends

July 10th, 2011 by Author

And so! it all passed so quickly. Although I finished watching yesterday, I haven’t decided yet, if it’s a keeper; should I rush to buy R2 DVDs, or wait for R1s.

The reason for the hesitation is that although IS delivers what’s promised, I want even more. For example, back when I and Steven hashed the “SW+man” concept, he was adamant that Japanimation is institutionally incapable of delivering on anything that is not a harem in this context. He was right, of course. But still, disappointing. Even within the confines of IS, there was space for improvement, I felt. For example, I wish that Charlotte did not join the rest of the cockblocking gang in the end. I expected more from her, under Mike’s bad influence, even after I noted in ep.10 “Charlotte’s superiority is not as dramatic as I thought.”

All this is perhaps grossly unfair, since with anime decidedly drifting into nasty recently (see Madoka), IS stands out in a nostalgic way, a reminder of what we lost (well, AsoIku was supposed to be that too, but you know…). So, I am going to be inconclusive here.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Undecided

UPDATE: Evirus says:

How things would have been different if she had been absent from the series’ final scene!

Great minds think alike or what?