Dog Days begins

August 25th, 2011 by Author

The pad entry for Dog Days fingers the final post at Chizumatic as the reason to watch, but on re-read it’s unclear what I found in it. Really what I expected is a relative of Otogi Juushi Akazukin – a magical transport into alternate world series. I should have known better. If we pile up the anime with the same basic premise, the Twelve Kingdoms is in there too… But what do they have in common?

Akazukin may be an outlier in how it is heavily disturbing. It is a bait and switch under a pretense of a cheerful kids’ anime with adventures. But Dog Days, apparently, is honest about it. So, it’s a pretty comfortable ride for now.

UPDATE: Actually, they are setting up Leon as the villainess who’s gone on the crazy side, but I’m pretty sure they won’t have the stones to follow through with it.

One other thing: furries. This show is overflowing with them, but they seem to be entirely harmless, since they hail from the catgirl tradition, rather than from the Yiff! Magazine.

Still, I don’t have a favourite. Eclair, the token tsundere, is the most likeable, but whatever. BTW, one of the enemy mooks called her “Daremimi-taichou”, or “Captain Droopy-ears”, that made me smirk remembering Mr. Reiji of Sunred. They have nothing in common other than the ears, so I’m just talking about the word. Another one I wish to see somewhere is “metsuki-no-warui”, or “bad-eye”.