Shining Hearts begins

April 23rd, 2012 by Author

As I am moving on, I find myself trending away from edgier anime, the one that is not cartoons, towards meaningless escapism and comedy (with the exception of veritable masterpieces like Oh Edo Rocket and Gurren-Lagann). Even Mouretsu Pirates is asking too much, so the “preview” was a lie, and I ended watching Shining Hearts tilda “Shiawase no Pan”.

The first thing that jumps at me is how cheap the animation is, especially for such a pretty show. OK, I understand the feet-shuffle, everyone-is-still except the one speaking. But they even overdose on “obscure the legs while they walk”. It’s horrible.

The same-face thing… exists. I am sorry for not linking, since I cannot find it now, but I am vaguely aware of the (in)famous designer who is not Nishimata and always draws one face only. What’s interesting, some secondary characters possess more individuality than the main group – the main group of ep.1, I hasten to add. I already saw the spoilers at Chizumatic and speculation about the catalyst arriving in the same manner as Minette did in Blessings of Campanella.

As far as story goes, I am not sure if I want to join Zyl and call the series “ultimately pretty soulless” yet. The opener was a decent intoduction and seemed to hold promise. So, we’ll see.