Ano Natsu de Matteru begins

April 29th, 2012 by Author

The policy of letting other bloggers to put toes in the water first works quite well for me: everything I watch pre-selected is excellent. I dropped both Onegai Sensei and Onegai Twins, so nothing is guaranteed, but Ano Natsu opens very strongly. All the right superlatives apply: gorgeous, competent, engaging. Now, the feeling is very different from the co-running Chihayafuru: watching that one is gestalt, watching this one is entertainment in the best sense.

Raw spoiling notes:

  • Nice intro. So, what did the camera capture? Something fixed the glasses…(unless it was a premonition – or a random dream)
  • Looks very pretty, in anime style. Pre-selection helps, I suppose.
  • Kai (Kaito Kirishima)
  • Kanna Tanigawa
  • Mio – bashful girl with long hair (it’s their Mikuru Asahina)
  • Ichika Takatsuki — aaaaand, she’s not a teacher! Hah!
  • Did she just spell her own name wrong?! 責月 イチカ
  • Remon Yamano — interestingly different uniform. Aaaaand a question! (Chiaki Kurihara may explain)
  • Eating carbs, yeah – blogged at Ani-nouto.
  • Tetsuro Ichigaki – there must always be one (Toradora’s Kitamura, Natsuiro Sudanokey’s Takeshi, etc.)
  • Ichika went into 3rd year, so there’s a gap.
  • OMG WTF is with fishing? (something’s at the end of the line?)
  • The basic opening hook is Man From Mars, In Disguise. Don’t remember how Onegai Sensei went with that, and I dropped it too early to find out.
  • Love Kai’s fantasies. Mine is like: before Approach drops me, I request a handoff to the Center, and then keep to 10.5, navigating serenily over mountains… Reality: I do not know the Center frequency for the area, so I putt along squacking 1200, giving a wide berth to any MOA.
  • Chinamini… boku no ie des!
  • Nice OTZ
  • * Unreliable ads is the worst part of Crunchyroll (audio overlay)
  • Magic glasses! Does this mean that Ichika can’t write, or does it not?
  • Hilarious ep finale, now what?