Carnival Phantasm begins

April 29th, 2012 by Author

Instead of continuing with great shows that I opened recently, I spent Sunday binging on various things, like Carnival Phantasm. It chose it primarily because of the availability of official AVI (thank you, UTW!), and secondarily because of the pretty imagery (thank you, SDB’s top rotation). Princess Phantasmoon is pure cake.

I am also very friendly with the idea of a callout anime for the fans. My word, The Idolm@ster TV was just that!

Not knowing the characters seems not hurt anything. Unexpectedly, I am somewhat predisposed to Ciel, although she really does not have any redeeming qualities, aside from being a cute meganekko. Perhaps I pity her for being made a comic relief. Their Lucky Channel at the episode’s end is… clumsy and cute like puppies. And overall, the anime does not seem to lose steam over the course of 4 episodes, which is good omen.

FRIDGE: To heck with badwidth, time for a half-retrospective!

Here’s the old man, who reminds me a bit about the mascot of that definitive macambre humor anime, the name of which escapes me. He belongs to the “glue creatures”, who assemble the separate large-skit pieces in the show. Some bloggers were unduly hostile to these creatures, but I don’t mind. What really bugs me thugh, I cannot understand if a 1:1 correspondence exists between the glue creatures and main show characters (like in PuchiMa).

Ciel’s entrance is where she got me. Although I recognize my mistake now, it is too late.

Ciel’s serve. Wow.

Ciel’s in teacher guise, wearing a New Mexico torquoise brooch for some reason. Around here, everyone wear them, men and women alike.

A random secondary character, who later makes appearance in the Houkago Puppies Brigade.

Rin Tosaka does what she knows best.

More Rin. BTW, the BD recording scene was a mad riot, comedy-wise, even if you are not aware of Archer’s identity. In the picture, she was committing one of the 5 pilot’s deadly sins, as identified by FAA: Resignation [1].

Arcueid: the failure of a vampire.

Saber in civvies. Nobody needs explaining about her, right? On the other hand, I did!

Look at Taiga’s face closely… and now this:

They broke the 4th wall explaining how they blew the budget animating her, which was amusing. But more importantly, look at the caption: only 2 frames for the speech. And yet, it looks 10 times better than Shining Hearts. For shame.

Finally, the puppy group. They try so hard. If only Jon Stewart was half as clever (or adorable).

UPDATE: Someone at Reverse Thieves leans that way.

[1] Other the 5 safety deadly sins are Anti-Authority, Impulsivity, Invulnerability, and Macho.