The Tourney That Psgels Won

May 9th, 2012 by Author

With the 2nd round, better-known and plainly better blogs started to roll in, and they lose big time, with the exception of SOS and Metanorn that utterly steamrolled their opponents (Metanorn won with 242 to 25, possibly a record, against a crazy homophobic racist). The Queen Of Pr0n, Choux, lost to a complete unknown with 94 to 126. Today, it’s time for Evirus, Nova, and Calaggie to taste a bitter defeat:

I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be PSgels this year, but equally it’s not going to be a big name.

P.S. While this post was being written, Nobar staged a modest comeback, but his advantage is miniscule as of this update. Evirus continus to lose and is very unlikely to claw it back. I’ll be glad to be wrong, but unless he can mobilize #raspberryheaven and its parent webboard, it’s over.

P.P.S. I looked it up and apparently Ani-nouto is up tomorrow against A&V. Oh boy. My timing is impeccable as usual. Also! If I win, it just confirms the biases per the above. If Team Vuc win, there’s no shame in that, they’ve got a better editorial content. Just As Keikaku (TL: “keikaku” means “plan”).

UPDATE: Just saw a comment about Karmaburn:

Have you ever wondered why newspapers have multiple columns of text? Limited width => readability. With a maximized browser window, post text spans 1355px. Set CSS max-width plz.

I am afraid I must lose his vote tomorrow. Ani-nouto is similarly unreadable on maximized browsers. Through the efforts of MellowBunny, in theory we have a proper theme available… since 2008. I never found a day to deploy it; I am not going to rush it into production overnight for a lost cause.

Besides, everyone read through a feedreader anyway. They do not even see the theme.

{Update: Could not resist trying: see bug, fix bug. Well… The “max-width” works in Firefox and Opera, but not in Chrome. Twarted by Google! {Update: Omo told me that up-to-date Chrome worked}}

UPDATE on Thursday: It’s on. Early loss is 17 to 26.

UPDATE on Friday: A tie at 125 to 125?! Also, thanks to Steven for the plug.

UPDATE on Saturday: It’s a very small and narrowing lead 175 to 162. Evirus deigned to notice his loss and he, too, tinkered with CSS. Since we’re at it, ads are part of the deal of hosting at Animeblogger, and they were intended to be “inobtrusive”. Last I asked, back when Maestro ran things, Ani-nouto pulled about $30 per month, or slightly below its own hosting costs.

UPDATE on Monday: There was an announcement that Round 3 is going to be postponed, and Nova wasted no time in making hay out of it. Undoubtedly cheating is an issue. For example, my wife and daughter voted in the poll that was won by 3 votes, and later I caught the girl attempting to use a Kindle (it was twarted before I had a chance to act by the Kindle being the launch hardware, firmware of which did not support the required JavaScript). I heard SaiMoe is being beset by proxy voting problems every year, too.

In any case, A&L are now in my feedlist, and if they continue posting good stuff, they’ll end on the blogroll, which is what the Tourney was supposed to accomplish, wasn’t it? Except that I knew about them back in 2011, but imagining that I didn’t, they would join now.