Hashi-hime on Glasslip

August 5th, 2014 by Author

Calls it the season’s favourite:

Glasslip – One of the best shows in years, in my opinion (but not in anyone else’s, lol). Riveting performance by newcomer Fukagawa Seria, supported by the dependably excellent Hayami Saori and Taneda Risa. Romance(s); magic; sharp and beautiful flow of scenes; brilliant “show, don’t tell” animation; outstanding visual and aural backgrounds that really put you there. And several good characters, both male and female. Another great anime from Nishimura Junji (Simoun, True Tears). I’m still trying to figure out why others don’t admire this show as much as I do. But I had a similar experience with Simoun, so I should be used to it.

Simoun was dragged down by heavy thematic concerns. Worse, its core was peacenik preaching. So, I’m not surprised. See Tappan’s review and Ubu’s comment there.

The true tears‘s failure was blogged at vintage Ani-nouto, but in short it pretty much came down to squeezing poor teenage characters for tears, possibly true tears. Also, Noa was crazy in a bad way.

If Glasslip is anything like these two, I’m not sure if Hashi-hime’s advocacy is very credible. I suppose the art and animation warrant a good look.