Nigorimasen resets

Published: Fri 10 October 2014
By Author

In meta.

A couple of days ago Calaggie suffered a loss of blog contents. It happens from time to time, most notably on my blogroll Omo-no-mono and H.C.Staff went through resets. I used to rage about that heavily. It's one thing to have someone steal your cookie at a WiFi, or even a password — it can happen to anyone. Another thing is to have no backups. The lackadastical approach in such case is an affront to anyone who links to you. But eventually I realized that having expectations of dilligence presumes that Anime Blogging Is Serious Business and not just a shitty hobby that gets no respect. The Ani-Nouto answer to this realization is to increase the quote size. Then the good content is getting saved at least somewhat. I wish I applied that to Tom when linking him.