Christmas haul

Published: Thu 25 December 2014
By Author

In meta.

It is the season of giving and receiving! Obviously, Merry Christmas, everyone, but focusing on the matters of animeblogging importance, here's what we get in 2014: AKB48 hits from 2006, AKB48 Heart Ereki, Angela's first CD, and Gurren-Lagann, The Movie (American version).

The 3DPD bent is very apparent nowadays... It's all part of the strict training regime that aims to make me distinguish 3D girls by sight. I think I could even recognize Sumire Uesaka in the steet now.

Angela's CD is anison-linked, at least. The button in front says "Debut album of J-Pop sensation, angela, with hit songs from Stellvia". Good grief. Remember times when these things were considered advancing a career in USDM? I don't think anyone would debut with an anison in 2014. The CD is published by Geneon, too.