The AnimeNation John on 2015 Spring season

April 11th, 2015 by Author

He says it’s super derivative:

The first episode of Re-Kan seems practically like a reverse clone of Kotoura-san. Sougeki no Soma appears to be an updated version of Yakitate Japan that focuses on dinner cuisine instead of pastries. Omakase Miracle Cat Dan looks and feels an awful lot like a non-crude sibling to Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku. Denpa Kyoushi is GTO for otaku.

He missed Plastic Memories being a clone of Najica Blitz Tactics, as some say. I didn’t watch it and put it for a replay of Mahoromatic at first, although in full knowledge that such analogies often miss the mark by thousands of kilometers. Remember how a number of people thought that ef was like the Hollywood movie “50 First Dates”? In any case, if these two imply that there’s something wrong with being derivative in anime as such, I’m going to dismiss them both. After all, RahXephon is much better than EVA (since we’re on topic, see how Izubuchi explicitly discusses copying — it’s quite remarkable).

P.S. One other guy says:

I just saw the first episode of Plastic Memories.

Employing the most emotionally wringing moments and then trying to inject deviant humor on top.

It really didn’t work.

If this was supposed to put a brake on things, it didn’t quite work. I’m still determined to see for myself. Well, maybe determine a few other suckers try it first for a few more episodes…

P.P.S. And there we go: “Plastic Memories episode 2 is significantly more ordinary than episode 1 was and as a result leaves me rather less interested.”

P.P.P.S. Ubu says they are not the same:

In Najica, the Hummarits were learning to be human and independent, and that’s what the story was really about. In Plastic Memories, the Giftia are already “human” and remarkably independent, though they’re designed to be companions to humans.

UPDATE: Jason does the blink thing:

I kind of wish Plastic Memories is yet another shitty anime about a magic high school or even a fanservice harem action police show, but the show is really about watching your dog die, over and over, week in a week out.

From the spoilers that I saw about 02..03, he’s completely wrong because of the misdirection in the 1st episode. In a sense, PlaMemo is the opposite of Natsu no Arashi, where the first episode was a hilarious comedy, and the rest of the show was a diet version of Grave of The Fireflies.