Fuuka begins

Another one of these wonderful but teeth-clench anime: very little sets me on edge as well as a little pushy bitch like Fuuka (see also SoraMami for more terrible and Haruhi for more famous examples).

In addition, watching Tama-chan is so unbearably sad, since she seems so fine and yet she's destined to lose in the anime that not only straight-up belongs to her eponymous antagonist, but also follows upon Suzuka, with massive references.

Finally, thematic concerns are massive.

Not a smooth sailing, but nothing is, this season.

UPDATE 2017/03/06: Aaaaand, a suspension after 05. Good grief, what a debacle.


On second thought, that tag gives a hope to Fuuka falling off a tall building in the later chapters. But knowing how it usually works, it's going to be Tama-chan who keels over, if anyone.