1. Abenobashi

    I'm done with the Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, but somehow it didn't leave me with anything to say. It has its moments, and it has its story. But it also has its utterly useless filler — in a 13 episode show!

    Liked: Yes
    Rewatch: No

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  2. Rocket Girls capture notes

    I am getting lazy or else more sophisticated. Instead of penciling notes down, I take screenshots. This is only possible when watching on computer, of course. Next, snapping pictures of TV screen?

    The smoke has improved a lot since the ep.6. And I do mean a lot. Looks like …

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  3. Shiraishi's rant

    I saw the Shiraishi's spiel (Lucky☆Star ep.10) first referenced at Omo's place, but the real thing exceeded my expectations, nay, my very imagination.

    The idea is not new. Here's how it was debated in comments at Pixy's (while attempting to predict the development of Zero no Tsukaima):

    16 …

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  4. Wisdom of Ms. Leila

    In ep.8, Leila-sensei says approximately this about Shipon: "When she looks forward, she only looks forward. When she looks back, she only looks back." She means that Shipon has wild performance swings between outstanding and sucking according to her frame of mind at the time. When I heard it …

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  5. Tandem crew

    One small similarity note about Stellvia and Vandread is that both offer a tandem crew arrangement. Moreover, both offer a lovebird crew.

    My Vandread screenshot library is lacking.

    I've read about female gunners flying Il-2 in WWII with objects of their affections. As far as I know, the practice was …

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  6. Heat shield doors

    Having a robust OMS system is essential to SSAs capsules for a couple of reasons. First, it serves as a reusable upper stage. It's not just a workaround for the pitiful booster. Having your engine return saves money, and is a part of the value proposition for an RLV. Second …

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  7. Wit of Jason Miao

    I have tons of old notes which did not meet the majesty criteria for the old blog. They are incomplete, sophomoric (I learned this word from Jeff), silly, disjoint, controversial, etc. Now that I have a pseudo-anonymous blog which nobody reads (sorry, Steven) I feel justified in dumping them.

    For …

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  8. Rocket Girls (at 10)

    I've got a bunch of notes here. I have screenshots for all of them, but unfortunately, the standard shot size is too big for having lots of them; if I downscale them, captions become unreadable. I'll have to think how to handle supposed core of the blog in the future …

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  9. Notice of abandonment: Xenoglossia

    Just as with Gurren-Lagann, I have no clear idea why I'm dropping iDOLM@ster Xenoglossia. This show also had everything going for it: a watcheable story, pleasant art and animation, likeable characters, serviceable villains. Haruka is certainly a cutie.

    Nonetheless, there it goes after ep.08. Maybe it's the girlmecha …

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